About Me

It's a funny old life. I'm grateful that art and embroidery are two of my oldest friends, who've always been there for me. Although I  loved to draw and paint at home, art was not encouraged at my school; the emphasis was on getting a 'proper' career!  My creative interests kept me going  for over 30 years through a challenging work and home life. I've experimented with many crafts and techniques, but always come back to my first loves.  

I've always loved to share knowledge and ideas,  and when someone suggested I should run a workshop,  I discovered a love of teaching,  encouraging and enabling others to express their creativity.   My parents instilled in me a love of  the natural world,  which is what inspires me. I try to use natural and earth friendly products, and limit my use of commercial items as much as possible.

Home is near Bristol, in the South West UK, with my husband. We live on the River Severn flood plain, adjacent to marshland which is the last vestige of the North Somerset levels. Up the hill opposite is the beautiful Kings Weston Estate. These local habitats, and my wildlife garden are where I do most of my nature journaling.

I'm a nature journaler and an Urban Sketcher. I'm drawn to detail, and  finding beauty in the ordinary. I always have a sketchbook/ artist's journal  to hand.

In addition to this, I design embroidery and stitchery projects, and teach regular embroidery and mixed media classes and workshops.  I'm  currently  co - designing an exciting new project 'Briarside Lane'  with my friend, the talented Michelle May of  The Raspberry Rabbits . Hop over to the tab to find out more!

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