About Me

I'm drawn to detail, and finding beauty in the ordinary
I've experimented with many crafts and techniques, but always come back to my first loves, drawing, painting and stitching.  I make books, I design textile projects, and I teach  hand embroidery/stitching and mixed media classes and workshops.
My parents instilled in me a love of  the natural world,  which is what inspires me. It's important to me to use natural and earth friendly products, and I limit my use of commercial items as much as possible, recycling and reusing wherever I can. 

Home is near Bristol, UK, with my husband and Badger, our rescue cat, who is learning to rule her humans. She had a bad start but is now enjoying being the most important being ever..

We live  close to to marshland which is the last remaining bit of the North Somerset levels. Nearby is the beautiful and historic  Kings Weston Estate. These local places and mwildlife garden are where I do most of my nature journaling. I always have a sketchbook/ artist's journal to handI'm  also an Urban Sketcher!

In a special relationship, I work in partnership  'across the pond' with my friend, the talented Michelle May of  The Raspberry Rabbits , North Carolina, USA,  doing something we think is rather unique and a bit special in the textile world.  Hop over to find out more!

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