Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Printing, Dyeing, Stamp making and Embroidery - phew!

At last! Here are a few of the new techniques I tried out on my Hawkwood Workshop with Frances Pickering. I'm sure they'll be familiar to many of you,  but as I usually try to use only natural products,  I have to admit they were pretty exciting, and felt rather naughty to me! On reflection , I think  the benefits from being able to use recycled synthetic fabrics as well as natural ones gives me a whole new world to play with, if I  use the new things in moderation.

I must be honest - I started to put my book together during the weekend, but it it wasn't going as planned, so I took it apart. Starting again, armed with my new techniques.

I used heat transfer ink to paint this sunflower, and then applied it to synthetic fabric. The design has now also made quite a nice foam stamp. I'd attempted to use foam in the past, but couldn't get the level of detail I wanted. Frances' expert knowledge has now set me on the right path! Stamp making is also highly addictive - I'm rationing myself.:)  We also used abaca tissue, which I'm so in love with for painting and stitching now. The sketch is ink on fabric with a little stitching added.

I've also been experimenting with natural dyeing, which I haven't done for a long time. This is Egyptian cotton dyed with turmeric and blackberries, amongst other things.

 And finally, tah da! Some embroidery. This is a bit of a different style for me, for two reasons, firstly 'cos  I want to incorporate it into my work, but in a new way,  and two, because I've got some beginner students who want to learn all the basic stitches. I felt I really should have some  stitch variety in my sample folder, so  I stitched these! I must give thanks to the wonderful Sharon Boggon of Pintangle and TAST for many of the stitches I've incorporated. Sadly I've never managed to keep up with TAST, but I do follow it, and always recommend my class to visit Pintangle for wonderful inspiration, eye candy and stitch tutorials.

 This one is buttonhole stitches,  just using a random  variety of threads -

And this is chain stitch variations -

This was really fun to do. I surprised myself. Now I'm going to put all my new knowledge together........ What will happen next?...........
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