Sunday, 28 June 2015

Embroidery rescue - renovating a tee shirt.

Hello, lovely peeps, I'm  back  blogging  -  with grateful thanks to Rachel - Virtuosew Adventures for all  her help.

So without further ado - here's some embroidery. I've had this top for ages, it wasn't expensive, but I rather like it. Of course, it got stained. Right on the front, and really noticeable. I thought I'd have to recycle it,  but decided to see if I could disguise the mark. It's tee shirt fabric,  but I like a challenge! I wasn't at home, and had limited resources with me,  so I just drew on some freehand flower shapes with my trusty sanguine Pitt pen (archival ink), and used  2 strands of regular 6 stranded cotton thread.

It worked pretty well.

Here's a close up of  my renovation of a second  marked top, which, flushed with the success of the first one, I'm now desperately trying to save too!   I used  outline stitches and Chinese knots as satin/filling stitches were too dense for the jersey knit.  I couldn't use a hoop for stitching, as I usually do,  but ensuring the needle went between the knit rows wasn't too hard, and made certain there was no puckering.

A successful renovation, which will get a bit more wear out  of  a favourite top!



Valerie Gardiner said...

What a clever way to rescue your favourite top, you're brave to start drawing on it in pen, I think I'd be scared to make it worse if I made a mistake! Looking forward to seeing the other one finished.

Rachel said...

Welcome back!
And well done. Knitted fabrics can be more than a bit tricky to embroider successfully (I've tried...!)

sharonb said...

great to see you back - funny that you should post today as I did too! How is that for some sort of weird coincidence?

Alex said...

Welcome back! So brave of you to embroider on the tops. I wouldn't dare in case I ruined them beyond repair!

crazyQstitcher said...

Well saved, and pretty as well.

Starr White said...

Recycling at its best! Congrats on a nice save - and I don't blame you for trying to rescue it - it's a cute top! even cuter now ;)

Shashi Nayagam said...

How lovely Jules it really turned out beautiful and such a great idea and I love the colours you used too

Tammie Lee said...

your flowers are sweet
such a lovely way to save a favored piece
thank you for your lovely messages Jules