Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Of Doodles and Tangles

Are you straight or curved?
It came to me that whatever the situation I am always going to take the wiggly path.  Straight lines and I do not agree, or understand each other! Similarly, drawing the same thing over and over is also something I find difficult.  I would never make an animator! So, I always thought pattern was something I  just couldn't 'do' properly.

This month though, left little time for creating due to family issues. I was introduced to  the world of tangling by my lovely cousin Glenys (who creates (the most amazing) - official Zentangles). To my amazement, I found lots of the patterns similar to my regular notepad doodles and scribbles.  Even more strange - it was really fun, and relaxing, using pattern to unwind, and de-stress over not getting any work done! For the last two weeks I've been playing around and being whimsical each evening - and I feel as if I've actually done some art.

This is a whole new world for me - and I see many uses for design which I wouldn't have thought of before.

My main reason for sharing is that, if you like me, are very late to this concept of 'formalising' your doodles -  give it a try! They're a fantastic warm up exercise before sketching, and  really help you relax and free up.  There are loads of books and info on the net if you're interested - and lots of expert advice. 

These aren't Zentangles in any way, as they have a very specific remit -  they might be Zen doodles though?  Anyway,  they're certainly very basic compared to many of the wonderful creations I've seen. I've no idea if any of these are 'named' patterns, they're just my scribbles,  so apologies if I should be crediting anyone, I'm not familiar with Tangle etiquette! It's  just great to try something you thought you'd never do formally - and find it enjoyable!

I got so carried away I got out the coloured pencils!

 And even got seasonal! 
 I'll be introducing  this idea to my embroidery students next term, because I think they'll love it!

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