Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Of Doodles and Tangles

Are you straight or curved?
It came to me that whatever the situation I am always going to take the wiggly path.  Straight lines and I do not agree, or understand each other! Similarly, drawing the same thing over and over is also something I find difficult.  I would never make an animator! So, I always thought pattern was something I  just couldn't 'do' properly.

This month though, left little time for creating due to family issues. I was introduced to  the world of tangling by my lovely cousin Glenys (who creates (the most amazing) - official Zentangles). To my amazement, I found lots of the patterns similar to my regular notepad doodles and scribbles.  Even more strange - it was really fun, and relaxing, using pattern to unwind, and de-stress over not getting any work done! For the last two weeks I've been playing around and being whimsical each evening - and I feel as if I've actually done some art.

This is a whole new world for me - and I see many uses for design which I wouldn't have thought of before.

My main reason for sharing is that, if you like me, are very late to this concept of 'formalising' your doodles -  give it a try! They're a fantastic warm up exercise before sketching, and  really help you relax and free up.  There are loads of books and info on the net if you're interested - and lots of expert advice. 

These aren't Zentangles in any way, as they have a very specific remit -  they might be Zen doodles though?  Anyway,  they're certainly very basic compared to many of the wonderful creations I've seen. I've no idea if any of these are 'named' patterns, they're just my scribbles,  so apologies if I should be crediting anyone, I'm not familiar with Tangle etiquette! It's  just great to try something you thought you'd never do formally - and find it enjoyable!

I got so carried away I got out the coloured pencils!

 And even got seasonal! 
 I'll be introducing  this idea to my embroidery students next term, because I think they'll love it!


Valerie Gardiner said...

These are such fun and I know I wouldn't be able to resist colouring them in. How about the new line painters for this? I have got mine now and really like the different feel of them.

Rachel said...

They do look very much as though you enjoyed doing them - an idea that hasn't been very clear when I've seen people demonstrating Zentangles at shows, as they often sound very prescriptive. Might look again...

Andy Lloyd Williams said...

Fabulous, Jules. When I tried Zentangling, I found it difficult to be so neat, but I did find it enjoyable. Your doodle of the elements is so clever - I love it. Will you convert them into embroideries - looking forward to seeing those.

CC said...

Jules! I didn't know you were a tangler! Great job!

CC said...

Jules! Please excuse my brain fog! I just realised I'd signed up to receive your updates! Ugh. Great job!

sharonb said...

Hi Jules -
I agree with you that Zentangles are a great warm up. For some Zentangles look a bit faddish and 'empty headed' but they are great to create patterns and to master control over your media - stuff like drawing circles lines etc all require a certain mastery and doing them again and again is really good idea! Also while great for mastering control over basic shapes they actively develop muscle memory - which is just what you need when sketching too! Sorry the old teacher came out in me but muscle memory ( which is what you 'warm up' when doing exercises) is really underestimated

margaret said...

you certainly have made some beauties here, I know someone who sells the books and pens at shows, she has done some wonderful things, even used it on trainers! Must admit not tried it myself oh for more hours in the day

crazyQstitcher said...

Looks like you are in your element with the Doodles and your enjoyment shows in the results. I Love the coloured landscape and leaf.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hello Jules I really don't know what happened with my posts. They don't seem to have come through. Anyway trying again. I really love your colour doodles. They are lovely. Never got into Zetangles myself although I did try it. Perhaps I should try the coloured ones might hold my interest a bit more.

Ghost Lily said...

Hi Jules,
Your drawings are very beautiful. I think they are more than just doodles. Working like this is a great way to relax and to have fun with art. Just like a meditation, where you can go into a drawing trance! ;-)
I hope you had a lovely Halloween last night.
Autumn Blessings,
Jo. xx