Sunday, 1 February 2015

31 Days Sketches is finished!

I did it! A sketch for every day in January - and some. I feel  proud of myself. I had fun,  pushed the boundaries and made some new friends on the way. What more can you ask? Thank you lovely peeps for your supportive comments  - which  help keep you going (especially when you  think you some sketches are not worth posting!).
 Here are the last few. 

 Flags or hangings: I had to draw the beautiful hanging made for my by my friend Starr White of Wonderland Woods. It hangs by my work table and gives me such pleasure and inspiration every day!

 Transport: This is 'The Matthew', a replica of the caravel sailed by John Cabot  from Bristol to North America in 1497. He was searching for Asia,  but discovered New-found-land! The ship was faithfully recreated and undertook the same voyage in 1997. She's now based in Bristol's Harbourside.

Something Ancient: The lovely old compass dial on top of Penpole Point, in Kings Weston,  where the encroaching scrub has recently been cleared by our brilliant conservation volunteers! The dial was already old in 1668, when it was repaired by the Merchant Venturers of  the Port of Bristol

Day 31 was Arches: This is the view looking outside from The Echo, the C18th summerhouse  at Kings Weston. The plinth  once held a beautiful statue which disappeared after WWII.

 And that's it!x


Rachel said...

There you are - a very successful January!

Alex said...

Well done - that's quite a commitment to stick to. Love the warmth and perspective of the Arches.

Andy Lloyd Williams said...

What a triumph, Jules, to produce 31 beautiful sketches. What will you do with your time in February? Knowing you it wont be wasted!

Starr White said...

Dearest Jules, I am so honored to see the little wall hanging I made for you here among your beautiful sketches. I think I like your version better than the original! So many beautiful sketches - what will you do with them?

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Congratulations Jules on completing your sketches! All wonderful, you are so talented.

Jenna LouiseCreates said...

A successful month indeed, what beautiful sketches.

crazyQstitcher said...

What a great way to complete the month- though I'm sorry the month is not longer. The bird hanging is delightful; I love the water around Matthew - I'm sure my toe would become wet, were it dipped in it.
The story of the repair work on the Penpole dial is fascinating - especially the cost of the work.
The Arches..just beautiful!

Shashi Nayagam said...

wow well done Jules. Gréât sketches i lové hem all