Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rustic Sunflower Needlecase

Here's another one I made earlier.
I suspect I'm a little bit obsessed with needle cases; I seem to make a lot of them. Probably because they're useful, don't take an awful lot of work, plus you only need to sew reasonably straight lines!

This lovely rustic linen called out to me from a fabric shop in Bath. 'You need me' it cried, and everyone in the shop turned round in amazement!
Ok, I made that up, but we all know the little voice, don't we? It niggles at us when we see the pretty/interesting/ new item we can no longer live without. Even though I'm trying hard to simplify and recycle, I'm not immune to its enticements.....

The linen's almost like a high quality feedsack, and very rough.  I wanted to paint on it and wondered  how Inktense pencils would work. Not bad, as it turned out. I doodled my favourite flower, and added some text and stitch.

I really like this motif,  it tends to be my go-to doodle! I repeated it on the back, this time working on calico first for some variety in texture, and then fusing  this to the linen.  I wanted to keep the naive, rustic effect, so I mixed  up the stitching, Actually, I think I could equally have reversed the back and front images, but hey ho....

 Inside I made my usual lined pockets on each side, bound with some old chocolate coloured silk and then cut out dark brown wool felt for the needle holder.

Another tiny sunflower appears when the felt is lifted, having just pushed up from the soil below.

 He -llo!
(If you've seen 'Gnomeo and Juliet' this will make perfect sense to you, if not,  sorry!)

Can I say a big thank you for all your lovely comments on my re-emerging posts. I hope I've managed to visit or e-mail everyone,  but if I haven't got to you for any reason, please know I am really grateful for your support. x
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