Sunday, 15 February 2015

Regency Rabbiting

Dear reader,  a most interesting  thing! A young lady has of most excellent character has called this very morning.  A chaise pulled up at 11 o clock - just as I had settled to my correspondence;  and Miss Elizabeth Bunnet was announced!

Miss Bunnett (of the Weston Bunnets) has recently arrived in the district and caused  many heads to turn amongst the young bucks at the Bath Assembly Rooms last week.  She is a most gracious and charming young personage and I was delighted to make her acquaintance!

Such dewy eyes, flexible ears and simplicity of style and manner make me think it quite likely she will be the darling of the season.

Her Mamma,  I believe, is overcome with joy!

To be sure, such excitement seldom reaches us here, secluded as we are. I am not at liberty to divulge more at present,  but I can say  - I expect news of an attachment soon! x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Focusing on the Ordinary - and finding answers

Every Day Matters.

 'Yes, of course', some of you may say.
Others will nod and murmur ' Ah, EDM,  Danny Gregory' and possibly Sketchbook Skool. Chances are if you're reading this you'll know what I'm talking about.

Sharon explains and demonstrates how EDM (and other interesting creative  things) in  her excellent blog Tones and Tints.  It's really worth a visit, and if you're a stitcher, then you'll probably know her already from one of my favourite blogs  Pintangle. There's also a thought provoking post from from Sarah,  here.

Sometimes, having diverse creative interests is awkward.
After feeling elated on completing the 31 Days sketching challenge last week  - I felt lost.   It had sparked off so many wonderful new creative ideas, but how could I possibly implement them all?  My focus went walkabout. It didn't even wave goodbye!

So - at embroidery class, I took some books about learning to draw for  my friend and class participant  Alison, which included  Danny's 'The Creative License'.  I explained  the concept and background  to EDM,  and recording our lives through art. This was a new idea to  my group, but they really took it on board -  we ended up talking about the importance of creativity and marking our lives. Not just the big events, but the little things - and, the different ways in which we can do this through our creativity.

We didn't actually get much stitching done, but it was wonderful to feel the enthusiasm, ideas and interest - and the understanding of the importance and connection of creativity in daily life. I must admit I got a real buzz from it.

I'd been a bit of a silly old Jules. Far better to have a store of ideas, but to concentrate on the now.  Explaining this to others made me really remember it's the journey that's important. The willingness to continue learning, and practice, patience and perseverance are all that's needed. Instead of worrying - just do it. Focus returned. She was a bit tired and hungry, but  I made her a big bowl of soup, and we're settling down nicely.

OK, I am going to inflict more sketches on you. I've still been drawing every day, and I'm taking a new class with  renowned Urban Sketcher and illustrator Marc Taro Holmes - 'Sketching People in Motion'.  via Craftsy.  It is, absolutely, fantastic.  He's a brilliant teacher and these are my first two complete sketches, created while watching video.  I would never imagine I could, sketch anyone moving,  so I can't praise this class highly enough. I can't wait to get out and practice gestural sketching now.

  Classical violinist

Classical guitarist.

The guitar is totally off, but I don't care. They were moving! Whoopee!
Do check out Marc's blog and stunning art on the link. x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Spring is coming

Even on a grey cold morning, Spring is waiting.

 'Pussy Willow wakens from her Winter nap'.

Pink tinged alder catkins swell.

The lichen looks brighter and golden

 Early flowering cherry blossoms peek out.

And the hellebores in  my wild garden lift their lovely heads!

Soon she'll be here!x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

31 Days Sketches is finished!

I did it! A sketch for every day in January - and some. I feel  proud of myself. I had fun,  pushed the boundaries and made some new friends on the way. What more can you ask? Thank you lovely peeps for your supportive comments  - which  help keep you going (especially when you  think you some sketches are not worth posting!).
 Here are the last few. 

 Flags or hangings: I had to draw the beautiful hanging made for my by my friend Starr White of Wonderland Woods. It hangs by my work table and gives me such pleasure and inspiration every day!

 Transport: This is 'The Matthew', a replica of the caravel sailed by John Cabot  from Bristol to North America in 1497. He was searching for Asia,  but discovered New-found-land! The ship was faithfully recreated and undertook the same voyage in 1997. She's now based in Bristol's Harbourside.

Something Ancient: The lovely old compass dial on top of Penpole Point, in Kings Weston,  where the encroaching scrub has recently been cleared by our brilliant conservation volunteers! The dial was already old in 1668, when it was repaired by the Merchant Venturers of  the Port of Bristol

Day 31 was Arches: This is the view looking outside from The Echo, the C18th summerhouse  at Kings Weston. The plinth  once held a beautiful statue which disappeared after WWII.

 And that's it!x