Tuesday, 7 February 2017

But how do you keep a Nature Journal in Britain, in the winter?

Now, I'm a very seasonal person. Following and recording the natural cycle of the year, and its changes, is a joy.  Britain, though, through winter, can be a challenge.  Sometimes, as I stand battling the wind and drizzle, with my boots squelching merrily in the mud,  I can understand why more people don't  journal outdoors! The rewards, however are enormous. Winter is a fantastic time for observation.

It pays to be prepared with lots of layers. (Although sometimes you can't move your arms much!) Good boots and socks for dry feet are a must, too. My fab hat and scarf were designed and created for me by my friend, the artist Palma Rea.

Sometimes though, our great British weather defeats me, but there's always something to pick up,  bring home, and draw in the nice warm studio (with a hot cup of tea alongside!)

Or  I can have a comfortable, reference sketching session at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Many of my entries are just quick sketches and observation notes, watching the garden wildlife from of our second story window. This week Attila, (our resident marauding grey squirrel) has broken his third feeder in three weeks and cached almost 2 kilos of peanuts! Last seen rolling himself across the grass with a huge grin on his face....


If all else fails, there's always use personal photos for reference. Needing a little lift this week, snowdrops from the Kings Weston Estate were called for. 
As much as  I love winter, I won't be sad to see some more bright days over the next few weeks,  and a little less mud!

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