Friday, 10 March 2017

The trouble with lichen....

There isn't any.  I just love the title of that book.

They're strange, beautiful, fascinating fungi. A couple of weeks ago my friend Liane and I braved the February squelching and met up with a party of other Lichen lovers on Bristol's famous Downs. You would never imagine there being so much laughter from a group of thoroughly wet, cold people. Lichen seems to attract  rather jolly people!

I  finally managed to document the fallen samples I found in my nature journal ( they'll now be returned to their natural habitat!)  There was  endless aggravation  fun, trying to draw them whilst focusing through  my new hand lens. I won't be trying that again, but it is amazing to get such a wonderful visual perspective.

These are just my interpretations, (sans hand lens) of some stunning forms and textures; and here's a few photos of these little beauties.

Thanks to Avon Wildlife Trust  members, who arranged this event, and local expert Sheila Quin, who led the walk. I learnt a lot and it was worth getting wet feet!  We followed The Downs Lichen Trail.

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