Friday, 2 January 2015

31 Sketches in January Day 2

Today's challenge  from Palma's list  is 'draw your favourite book,  including the title'.  No way I can pick a favourite - I have at least a top 5 -10 and love so many more besides.

 I chose this paperback because I love Hardy,  this is my favourite story of his, and  I  loved the cover which is a painting by the English artist Gordon Benningfield. Also  I  do not paint landscapes - so it was an ideal challenge! The book cost me the princely sum of  £1.25 in the early 1970's! It's been read many times.

Check out the original 1976 film with Julie Christie,  Peter Finch and Terrance Stamp,  which is one of my favourites, and was filmed in our beautiful English West country, especially around Devizes in Wiltshire. A new version is on the way this May, which I will give a try.

Sorry about the wonkiness. I'm finishing up a cheaper sketchbook and the page  buckled a bit!
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