Sunday, 4 January 2015

31 Sketches for January - Day 3 and 4

Day 3's  prompt was - 'Something industrial'! That was a challenge indeed, as I tend to shy away from anything man made. So all the more need to draw it! I'm trying to keep  'local and live' in my sketches as far as I can,  so these are the windmills  generating green energy, sited on the marshland behind our home ( The River Severn flood plain).  We're rather fond of them, and they do look quite amazing on the skyline - especially on  a clear day against the blue sky - and the red/copper gold tree line beneath.

 Day 4  - An Animal. Ah, this is much more in my comfort zone! I chose one of our little mischievous garden visitors! They do amuse us with their antics - and sadly for them, they've no idea how to open the bird feeders,  so much that we do sometimes put some peanuts down for them!

I just hope I can keep  up the challenge once the holiday is over!
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