Sunday, 18 January 2015

And even more sketches....

I'm managing to keep up the challenges - just. Work keeps getting in the way though :)

Dragonfly for 'Bugs' Sketch a day Challenge

Crumpets and marmalade: Which I sneakily used for both challenges on different days.


The last gift  you received:  My beautiful owl pendant made by  my favourite jewelry maker Joanne May

A mythological creature -  I chose The Jackalope!


A Station; This was a really hard one for me . Luckily I have an elder brother who made me watch lots of Alistair Maclean films when I was a child!

Draw a recipe: I did - but too quickly, and left out the flour and butter! :) Oops. It is a great recipe though, really easy!

I lumped together Black and White/Found objects on a nature walk. We have high winds and torrential storms at the moments,  so this was a very quick scribble of one of our local badgers!


Some of these worked better than others, but I decided to post them whatever I feel about them. The important thing is to keep drawing and try new things. Before I started I would have kept to just doing things in the same way.  It really helps having interaction with others and I find this has kept me going.  Previously, any art work I did was a very isolated affair, because of my lack of confidence,  but I've come to realise over the last year or so the importance of sharing and communicating about the process. 

 Alongside the challenges I'm doing Liz Steel's on-line Sketching Now Foundations class. Liz is a highly respected and talented Urban Sketcher. I'm enjoying taking part very much, and finding the content and  teaching excellent. I'll  tell you  more about the class soon. Today though,  the sun is shining at last - and I want to get out and do my homework :)!

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