Monday, 20 July 2015

Natural dyeing ( or tinting!)

A few weeks ago, when we finally had a warm sunny day, I decided to  some of my annual natural dyeing. I should probably say tinting,  as I'm not really looking for a strong colour. Due to lack of space and difficulty drying things,  I  keep it really simple, and  everything is food grade!  I have plenty of options for yellow and brown shades and want to increase my palette.

These cottons are dyed with blackberries from my freezer. The bottom one has a mordant of white vinegar.  I love this colour! The middle one has no mordant and is more crushed strawberry. The top one is blackberry and turmeric which is a pretty gold/pale lilac. The colour's more obvious than the photo in real life.
I wanted to find a  natural green, and I'd heard good reports of rosemary - of which I have lots!   So  after much snipping,extracting leaves, and a salt mordant, here is a piece of old linen found in a charity shop, cotton and silk. These are a  lovely pale yellow green.

  A very subtle rainbow, but the gentle  effect I was after - hooray!

I want to find a blue I like now and I've seen a lovely effect using black beans with a soy milk mordant? Anyone tried that, or have any tips or combinations which have worked well?

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