Friday, 17 July 2015

Taking A Stitch Tuesday - TAST

Some of you will remember that I attempted TAST a few years ago. I'm delighted to say that  it's running again, and started on  - Tuesday! :) It's all explained here. Whether or not you're an embroiderer I  thoroughly recommend popping over to Sharon's wonderful blog Pintangle , for a visual feast  - and lots of interesting articles about creativity.

Oddly enough, this re-run of TAST has come just at a time when I have been focusing on how I use thread -  and where I'm going with my embroidery.  Plus, my embroidery ladies have been asking about making samplers! There is no such thing as coincidence, eh?

I'll be dipping in and out of the challenge to get inspiration, and stretch myself a bit. The lovely thing about this is that embroiderers at all stages can join in and learn from each other.

Here's my mini project for Week 1,  Fly stitch

Embracing the wonkiness as it had to be done free hand - but never mind!  I enjoyed being stretched   having to focus on a stitch I  rarely use. I'd never realised the couching/overlaying possibilities of Fly stitch before -  I almost never do borders, but  had great fun with the variations.  I'm not quite sure what I'll do with any samples, but suspect I'll opt for a book.

Had to add Chinese Knots of course  - love them sooooo much. 

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